English Academy Cultivate

英会話教室なら佐世保市の「English Academy Cultivate」へ。


English Academy Cultivate

佐世保市の「English Academy Cultivate」は小学生や大人の方・企業研修として英語を学びたい方などに向けた英会話教室を開いています。国内ホームステイ先をお探しの方も、ぜひ当教室へお問い合わせ下さい。

TEL 090-5288-5909

Japanese Language Class

  • 楽しく学ぶ

    Get familiar with the language and culture!

    EAC, a language school is newly opening kids Japanese course!
    We do not only teach kids Japanese but also teach cultures.
    Learn both of them through lots of activities such as crafts, songs and dances.
    Your children become fluent while they are having fun learning!!

  • たくさんのイベント

    Fun intercultual events!

    We have seasonal events - summer camp, Christmas, and so on - that both American and Japanese children enjoy together! Have a blast with native speakers and apply what you have learned! It's the best way to improve. :)


Fee Enrollment:5,000yen / Monthly:6,000yen
Location 5-3-2F Shirahae-cho, Sasebo
On 35, across from Sasebo train station
Times 【Saturday】
・10:00-11:00 … Pre-school (Age 3-5) more info
・11:15-12:15 … Elementary 1 (Age 6-9) more info
・12:30-13:30 … Elementary 2 (Age 10-) more info
  • Pre-school (Age 3-5) 10:00-11:00

    Japanese Vocaburary
    ●Picture cards and Games
    ●Japanese finger play songs
    ●Hiragana, Katakana
    Japanese culture
    ●Craft making
    ●Related vocaburary

  • Elementary 1 (Age 6-9) 11:15-12:15

    Vocabulary & Phrases
    ●Picture cards(same with pre-school)
    ●Class activities
    ●Practice writing Hiragana and Katakana

    ●Practice book
    ●Teach kanji by picture

    Japanese Culture
    ●Japanese finger play songs
    ●Class activities

  • Elementary 2 (Age 10-) 12:30-13:30

    Grammar & Phrases
    ●Reading including vocabulary
    ●Role play & Class activities
    ●Extra reading materials e.g. Japanese elementary textbook
    ●Practice books